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Giggling is a simple yet highly creative, app-assisted board game – using Israeli smartphone technology at its entertaining best.
Enjoy this fun-tech entertainment that will have the whole family laughing, sitting around the game board, right in your living room.
What do you get when you play Giggling?
Quality family time, amped-up self-confidence, face-to-face communication, imagination-boosting creativity and oodles of shared laughter.
Suitable for ages 6-99
Can play
with or without the app
Giggling! Once you start, you start the whole family laughing.

?What is Giggling

It’s a game built on laughter, speed, imagination and creativity!
It’s a social & experiential board game for family of all ages – using a simple phone app to add a vivid extra dimension. You play Giggling just like a board game from the old days (but with an app) – sitting around a table or in a circle on the living-room carpet.
Besides what comes in the box, all you need is one telephone (from a parent or child). The phone sits in its place at the center of the game board. The buttons on the app relate to the graphics on the board. Every time you click on something, the players get an new surprise mission to complete.
The game box comes with a game board, 50 cards with super-funny characters, 6 soldiers, a pair of dice, and easy instructions on how to play. The app is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.
This Israeli high-tech innovation will get you whole family high on laughter! Giggling is just the beginning!
*The game board is protected by UDR-IL.

An emerging idea called “bonding technology” is the basis for a new platform for entire families. It seeks to make technology a driver of positive human interconnection within the home. And it incorporates the principle that doing things, experiencing things, is still the natural way for children to acquire social skills: learning to argue and make up, express feelings, compromise, communicate, cooperate, really see others, work in teams, and so forth.

In a world in which our children’s social skills are now acquired mainly through computer games, it is important to arrange situations that allow them to practice face-to-face human communication and social interaction – affording them new experiences and the chance to learn important new tools for success.

To do that, we can enlist the capabilities of technology using new and innovative tools that are appropriate for any family.

“bonding technology” gets the whole family sitting down to share quality time, play a game, make eye contact, laugh a lot, feel close to one another and have fun.

We won’t be taking children away from their screens, in general – but we can create new, relevant spaces for them to engage in creative and authentic communication. Reparative technology links the physical world to the digital, the perceptual to the virtual.

The integration of the app with the game board allows us, as parents, to engage with the mostly-digital world of our children. Adding a digital dimension to the game is a way to encourage children to join an activity willingly, with genuine interest.

:Important Points

Always up do date

Connecting to the App enables dynamic relevance for years to come

Acquiring Social Skills

Identification and expression of body language, facial expressions, feelings, through presenting the game characters

Development of Imagination and Creativity

Creating an experiential environment that encourages imagination, creativity and humor

Quality time for the entire family

Strengthens communication with the children and generates a safe environment for expression of emotions.

Guaranteed Enjoyment

Fun, laughter and smiles are an integral part of the game

Use of Facilitating Technology

Creates an interesting and unifying social experience while using technology as a tool

Any time you choose

You set the time limit at the start of each game

*Use of the App is adapted to most of the popular brands of cell phones on the market and is subject to terms of use.

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